Lip Filler Techniques for Mature Patients

Lip Filler Techniques for Mature Patients - bellucci aesthetics

Understanding the Impact of Aging on Lips: Changes and Concerns Introduction As we age, the anatomical features of our lips undergo changes that can significantly impact their appearance. Mature patients may notice a loss of definition in the vermillion border and a decrease in volume along the medial lip. This results in the lips appearing […]

Cherry Lips with Korean Lip Filler Technique

cherry lips with korean lip technique - bellucci aesthetics

Achieve Luscious Cherry Lips with the Korean Lip Filler Technique Introduction In the ever-changing world of lip fillers, there’s a trend that has captured the interest of those desiring a subtle yet stunning look – the ‘Cherry Lips‘ trend. As more and more people seek natural-looking results, the appeal of fillers that enhance the lips […]

Russian vs Classic Lips

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What are Russian Lips vs Classic Lips? Russian Lip Technique Russian lip filler involves injecting a hyaluronic acid-based filler into the lips to add volume and fullness. This technique is also known as the “stacking” technique, and it aims to create a more voluminous and defined lip shape. The Russian technique is known to create […]