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What are Russian Lips vs Classic Lips?

Russian Lip Technique

Russian lip filler involves injecting a hyaluronic acid-based filler into the lips to add volume and fullness. This technique is also known as the “stacking” technique, and it aims to create a more voluminous and defined lip shape. The Russian technique is known to create lips that are plump and round, giving a dramatic and bold look.

Classic Lip Technique

On the other hand, the classic lip filler is a technique that aims to enhance the natural shape of the lips by creating a subtle and natural look. This technique is also known as the “enhancement” technique and is used to add definition and balance to the lips while preserving their natural shape. This technique is best used to correct any asymmetry of the lips, as well as increasing their volume.

Understanding the Differences Between Russian and Classic Lips

Russian Lip Shape Characteristics

Volume: The goal of the Russian lip filler technique is to add volume to the lips, making them appear larger and more defined

Symmetry: One of the hallmarks of the Russian lip filler technique is the focus on symmetry, with the goal of creating a balanced and proportionate look to the lips

Gradation: Instead of simply filling the lips with a uniform amount of filler, the Russian lip filler technique uses gradation, with more filler being used in the center of the lips and less towards the edges, to create a more natural and gradual look.

Classic Lip Shape Characteristics

Definition: The enhancement technique is designed to create definition and shape to the lips, accentuating their natural contours while preserving their overall look.

Symmetry: The enhancement technique is also focused on creating a symmetric and balanced look, by correcting any asymmetry of the lips.

Natural look: The enhancement technique is meant to give a natural look to the lips, by using a subtle and small amount of filler to create a soft and natural result.

Your beauty practitioner will make sure to apply a numbing cream before the lip augmentation treatment. They will then use a small needle for injecting the filler into the skin and and create your desirable look.

It’s also worth noting that the Russian lip filler technique is considered as an advanced technique, while the classic lip filler technique is considered as a basic technique. They should be done by an experienced practitioner who is trained in those specific techniques and follow the guidelines of the product being used.

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