Injectable Recommendations for Different Age Groups

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Understanding Facial Aging: How Your Skin Changes Over Time Addressing the effects of aging As we age, our skin undergoes various changes that can impact its appearance and texture. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin are common concerns for many individuals. At Bellucci Aesthetics clinic, we offer a range of injectable treatments to help address […]

What is Profhilo?

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PROFHILO – A SIGNIFICANT ADVANCEMENT IN THE FIELD OF ANTI-AGEING MEDECINE. PROFHILO is an innovative injectable treatment that utilizes hyaluronic acid to remodel and improve the appearance of skin laxity. Unlike conventional dermal fillers, mesotherapy products, or skin boosters, PROFHILO is specially formulated to target and enhance the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin. […]

Russian vs Classic Lips

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What are Russian Lips vs Classic Lips? Russian Lip Technique Russian lip filler involves injecting a hyaluronic acid-based filler into the lips to add volume and fullness. This technique is also known as the “stacking” technique, and it aims to create a more voluminous and defined lip shape. The Russian technique is known to create […]

Dermal Fillers’ Pros and Cons

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Dermal Fillers’ Pros and Cons before having them Enhancing Your Appearance with Dermal Fillers Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that are used to add volume and fullness to the skin, smooth out wrinkles, and improve the overall appearance of the face. They are made up of a variety of substances, including hyaluronic acid, collagen, and […]